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1x ABS Sensor Ring Rear Axle both sides left or right - B077SWHPG1

  • Model: B077SWHPG1
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  • Compatible with: CITROEN C/Elysee C2 Enterprise I (FC _) C2 (JM _) C3 II C3 Picasso C3 Pluriel (HB _) C4 Coupe (La _) C4 I (LC _) C4 Hatchback DS3 DS3 Cabriolet Peugeot 1007 (km _) 206 CC (2D) 206 Hatchback (2 A/C) 206 SW (2E/K) 206 + (T3E) 206 Van 207 CC (WD _) 207 Notchback 207 SW (WK _) 207 van 207 (wa _, WC _) 208 301 307 Break (3E) 307 CC (3B) 307 SW (3H) 307 (3 A/C)

  • Item information: 1x Sensor Ring, ABS mounting side: Rear Axle both sides, Width: 8.3 mm, Inner diameter: 68,9 mm, Number of poles: 96 - Pin, expansion item/complementary info 2: With integrated magnetic sensor ring

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  • OE/OEM 07-400015: 3349.09, 3349.09,, 76362, 8540 28412

  • Bei anything is unclear please send us an email with the vehicle tag number, to Zulassung and the key numbers up to 2.1 and 2.2 your vehicle registration certificate. We test information is and post the suitable replacement part. Products that are not listed please Anfragen. All of our merchandise is of very new and in original packaging, and in OEM quality for a great price.

  • Suitable for the following vehicle identification number number:
    3001AAA, 3001AAB, 3001AAH, 3001AAI, 3001AAJ, 3001AAK, 3001AAK, 3001AAL, 3001AAM, 3001AAN, 3001AAO, 3001AAP, 3001AAQ, 3001ABC, 3001ABS, 3001ABT, 3001ABU, 3001ABV, 3001ABW, 3001ABX, 3001ACA, 3001ACB, 3001ACC, 3001ACH, 3001ACI, 3001ADB, 3001ADE, 3001AFF, 3001AFJ, 3001AFQ, 3001AFR, 3001AFS, 3001AHN, 3001AHN, 3001AHO, 3001AHO, 3001AHP, 3001AHQ, 3001AHQ, 3001AHR, 3001AHS, 3001AHT, 3001AHW, 3001AIQ, 3001AIR, 3001AIS, 3001AIS, 3001AIT, 3001AIU, 3001AIU, 3001AIV, 3001AIW, 3001AJB, 3001AJC, 3001AJD, 3001AJD, 3001AJG, 3001AJG, 3001AJR, 3001AKJ, 3001AKY, 3001AKZ, 3001ALA, 3001ALC, 3001ALD, 3001ALE, 3001ALF, 3001ALG, 3001ALH, 3001ALI, 3001ALJ, 3001ALK, 3001ALL, 3001ALM, 3001ALN, 3001ALO, 3001ALV, 3001AND, 3001ANE, 3001ANF, 3001ANH, 3001ANI, 3001ANJ, 3001ANV, 3001APN, 3001APO, 3001ARO, 3001ARP, 3001ART, 3001ARU, 3001ARV, 3001ARW, 3001ARZ, 3001ASA, 3001ASI, 3001ASJ, 3001ASK, 3001ASL, 3001ASM, 3001ATS, 3001787, 3001787, 3001788, 3001789, 3001790, 3001791, 3001797, 3001798, 3001818, 3001819, 3001820, 3001821, 3001822, 3001823, 3001829, 3001848, 3001849, 3001850, 3001851, 3001852, 3001853, 3001854, 3001855, 3001856, 3001857, 3001858, 3001859, 3001860, 3001866, 3001867, 3001868, 3001869, 3001879, 3003AAA, 3003AAB, 3003AAR, 3003AAS, 3003AAU, 3003AAW, 3003ABA, 3003ABB, 3003ABC, 3003ABD, 3003ABE, 3003ABN, 3003ABO, 3003ABP, 3003ABQ, 3003ABR, 3003ABU, 3003ABV, 3003ABW, 3003ABX, 3003ABY, 3003ABZ, 3003ACA, 3003ACB, 3003ACC, 3003ACD, 3003ACE, 3003ACF, 3003ACG, 3003ACK, 3003ADI, 3003ADQ, 3003ADR, 3003ADS, 3003ADT, 3003ADU, 3003ADX, 3003ADY, 3003AED, 3003AEE, 3003AEF, 3003AEP, 3003AER, 3003AER, 3003AES, 3003AES, 3003AET, 3003AEU, 3003AEZ, 3003AFR, 3003AFS, 3003AFT, 3003AFU, 3003AFV, 3003AFW, 3003AFX, 3003AGB, 3003AGC, 3003AGH, 3003AGI, 3003AGJ, 3003AGK, 3003AGK, 3003AGL, 3003AGL, 3003AGR, 3003AGT, 3003AGU, 3003AGV, 3003AGW, 3003AIZ, 3003AJA, 3003AJB, 3003AJL, 3003AJM, 3003AJ...
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    1x ABS Sensor Ring Rear Axle both sides left or right - B077SWHPG1